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Not just another UI Kit

The BetterXD UX Strategy & Design Toolkit is different. It's not intended to do your job for you — anyone can drag a bunch of components onto a page. This system was designed for the modern UX designer. Someone who is a strategic resource for their client or team and recognizes that it’s their job to facilitate clarity and alignment.

The BetterXD UX Strategy & Design Toolkit  is...


Focused on UX strategy

Better experience design is about more than wireframes and UI comps. The best UX designers understand that the most amazing UI in the world is useless if it isn’t serving the needs of your company's (or your client's) most important customers.


Keepin' it simple

The BXD UX Strategy & Design Toolkit isn't loaded with a bunch of fluff components meant to drive up the component count. This toolkit is focused on providing the building blocks for doing what you do best -- developing winning strategies and designing kickass experiences. 


Also, keepin’ it not so simple

Every symbol in this toolkit was painstakingly crafted to offer maximum flexibility and efficiency, capitalizing on the latest Sketch features, such Smart Layout, Color Variables, and more. A few simple changes to the style guide and every component and template is updated to match the new style.

So... what's in the kit?

BXD Base UX Kit

Features a robust style guide that drives all templates and components, highly configurable UI components, and a Material icon library.

Flow Kit

A flow kit with components that actually resize the way that you'd expect them to

Flow kit.png
Quick Tables

Make a flexible table with real data in less than 5 minutes with this free download.

Stylized Sitemap

Need to present a sitemap? Use this ultra-flexible template to quickly make it presentation ready.

Prototype Table of Contents

Reduce friction and guide users of your prototypes with this handy table of contents page


Capture what's important about your most valuable users with simple template

Key Task Journeys

This BXD exclusive allows you to showcase the key tasks that your archetypes want to achieve, how the current state serves their needs, and your recommendations for future state improvements

Practical Service Blueprint

More in-depth than a typical journey map, this service blueprint kit will allow you to paint a thorough, but high-level picture of a curent or future state process

Content Strategy Workbook

Another BXD exclusive that allows you to visually define content strategy and flows by archetype in one template and define page-level content blocks and hieracharchy in another

Competitive Analysis

Looking to get alignment on key features and functionality? Use this template to showcase real-world examples and call out pros and cons

Competitive Analysis.png

Other features

Designed for 8px grids

Nearly every element in the toolkit is designed in 8px increments, so you can get easy precision without the extra work. Plus the kit includes two 8px layout grids to start your project

1 style guide for strategy & UI 

With a style guide that controls both the UI components and the strategy templates, you can bring a cohesive set of UX deliverables to your team or clients

Guidance for every element

There are client examples and explanatory content available for each of the major elements of the kit, so you aren't left playing detective when trying to figure out how to use it.

Frequently asked questions

Why would I do strategy or workshop documents in Sketch?

Good question. There are certainly a lot of tools out there, like Miro, that offer great options for running workshops online. However, it's difficult to customize these platforms to match everything else you're doing. Plus you're bouncing around across various platforms to do your work. With the BXD toolkit, you can have a single file for all of your discovery and design output -- all with a unified style.

What about other platforms, like Figma and AdobeXD?

Someday I hope to do a Figma version. Probably not happening for Adobe XD.

What do I do if I have questions or run into issues with the toolkit?

Simply email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Who is the toolkit designed for?

The BetterXD UX Strategy & Design Toolkit was designed for mid to senior-level UX people who work in an environment where they need to align stakeholders and present their work in a more formal setting. If you work in an environment where everything goes from whiteboard to production or you only do visual design, this probably isn't the toolkit for you. If you run workshops, create discovery artifacts, and want to quickly produce high-quality wireframes that can easily be converted to finished designs, you may have found your new favorite kit.

Why are you giving it away?

The BetterXD toolkit is sold at whatever price you choose to pay ("name a fair price" on Gumroad). That can be $0 or $100. I did this because BetterXD is all about helping designers, so I'd rather have more users and less money. Plus, the more people that have it, the more incentivized I am to update it often.

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