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The BetterXD guiding principles

Hi! I'm Michael - the guy behind BetterXD. I’ve been planning, designing, building, and maintaining digital experiences for some of the biggest companies in the world for over 20 years. In that time, I’ve learned a few things, and a few of those things have become the guiding principles for BetterXD.

As UX designers, we are in the “clarity business.”

Everything we do, whether it be research, personas, flows or wireframes, is directed at driving clarity for our stakeholders, our team, and of course, our customers. Clarity brings alignment, confidence and excitement to processes that could easily produce the opposite results. If you can shift your mindset from “I make wireframes” to “I drive clarity” you will open a whole new world of possibilities around your role and how you contribute to your team, your stakeholders, and your customers.

UX strategy is essential

I’ve seen many a project go south due to the lack of a well-articulated/documented and mutually agreed upon UX strategy. If you don’t know what your customers need from your product (or at least have an agreed-upon hypothesis), don’t know which customers are the most valuable, and/or don’t know what customer actions are most beneficial to the business, you are likely in for a lot of uncertainty and churn in the developing exceptional digital experiences.

Content matters

Any UX designer who ignores content does so at their own peril. Content is UX — especially in website experiences. I’m not suggesting that every UX professional needs to be an amazing copywriter, but the ability to develop a high-level content strategy that defines what content is important, the ideal hierarchy for that content, and the best way to present that content is essential to driving clarity — which, as I said before, is what we do.